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10 Weeks Pregnant


At 10 weeks pregnant, you are in the final stage of your first trimester. By now, the pregnancy has been finally10weekspregnant confirmed. At this stage, the pregnancy has completed about two and a half months. The expectant mother could have missed two periods and is on the verge of missing a third one. As soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed, it is essential that one starts focusing on prenatal care. The first trimester of pregnanc is very crucial and important as far as baby’s development is concerned. The baby is developing at a super fast pace from the moment of conception. The mother ought to be very careful during this period, as it is a high risk period for the developing baby.

The expectant mother has taken enough care before planning the baby regarding the ensuing pregnancy and childbirth. The woman must plan certain things regarding work, career and child care and so on. She must prepare herself both on physical and mental levels for ensuring a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. In case of certain medical conditions like fertility problems, genetic disorders, late pregnancy, history of difficult pregnancies etc., the women must consult their doctors and physicians beforehand for treatment and advice.

Once the pregnancy test is confirmed positive, then it is necessary to make a visit to midwife, doctor or hospital. The woman must switch over to a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular workouts and positive outlook. The expectant mother ought to give up the habits of drinking and smoking for the well being of the baby.

Baby’s Development

Week 10

Your Symptoms: fatigue, nausea, vomiting.

Baby’s Development: Primitive gonads become either testes or ovaries. The skeleton begins to harden, and the baby is officially considered a fetus.

Baby’s Size: 3 cm (size of a prune).

To Do: Consider buying a new (bigger) bra and wearing low-rise pants to help accommodate larger breasts and an expanding belly.

At this stage of 10 weeks pregnancy, the baby has developed at a very fast pace and resembles a kidney bean in size. The CR length or the crown to rump length of the baby at this stage is about 1.25″ to 1.68″. Now the developing baby starts gaining weight and the approximate weight of the baby at 10 weeks pregnant stage is 5 grams. The baby has grown and developed tremendously during the past nine weeks.

Of all pregnancy stages, this one is a landmark period of baby’s development. By this time, the total body plan of the baby has been laid down. The baby will keep growing and developing for the remaining period of pregnancy. The tail portion disappears now in the 10th week. The fingers and toes which had web like appearance in the ninth week get separated fully. The tooth and taste bud formation takes place during this period. The brain is growing at an amazing rate and you will be surprised to know that new neurons are being produced at the rate of a quarter of a million per minute. The development of embryonic heart is completed in the 10th week of pregnancy. The external genitalia have not appeared by now, and may be visible by the 11th week. If the baby is a male child, then the testes have already started producing the male hormone, testosterone.

Changes With Your Body

Your body must be showing many signs and symptoms by the 10 weeks pregnant stage. The first and foremost change with your body is the heightened levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These increased hormonal secretions lead to swelling or tenderness of breasts. Women may feel a tingling or sore sensation in the breasts. Mostly the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy may resemble those of the pre-menstrual syndrome. Some women’s breasts might become heavier and fuller. Other important sign of early pregnancy could be fatigue or tiredness. There could be abdominal cramping or pains in cases of some women. Some women experience slight bleeding or spotting caused due to implantation of the embryo to the uterine lining.

A very common symptom is that of morning sickness. The pregnant women feel nauseated and a vomiting sensation. Some pregnant women actually vomit. Pregnant women become sensitive to smells also and different odors may trigger feeling of nausea. In cases of some pregnant women, there is the development of cravings or aversions to particular food items. All these symptoms are very prominent during the first trimester. Some pregnant women feel very sleepy and others might have disturbed sleep. There are mild headaches in cases of some pregnant women. Constipation is also a common symptom for some expectant women in the early stages of pregnancy. The hormonal changes cause major mood swings and upheavals in some women. Some women feel faint or dizzy due to lowered blood sugar levels. There might be a rise in the basal body temperature in some pregnant women.

Every pregnancy is unique and different and all women need not experience the same signs and symptoms. Some women do not experience any symptoms except of course the missed periods. You may start gaining some weight during the 10 weeks pregnant stage.

What to Expect

There are going to be certain changes in your life when you are pregnant. Be ready to accept these happily. Motherhood is the most challenging and blissful period of one’s life. You must take due care if you have planned your pregnancy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well balanced, nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and calcium and iron supplements. Follow a regular exercise regimen with regular walks and light workouts. Yoga and breathing exercises will help a lot in coping with the stress during child birth. Above all, keep a positive mind frame so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and baby. Maintain a cheerful mood through the pregnancy to ensure the well being of your baby.

Go for regular check medical check up to the doctor or the hospital. Clear your doubts and dispel all your fears by talking to your physician, partner, family and friends. This will help in reducing your anxieties. Take ample rest and sleep as it is beneficial for your baby and yourself. Take your medications on time. Enjoy your pregnancy and get excited about the baby.