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11 Weeks Pregnant


The 11th week is towards the end of the first trimester. During this time, you slowly start increasing your weight as the morning sickness11weekspregnant symptoms start disappearing. Many women start feeling much better now. Small travel plans become possible as the unpleasantness faced in the previous months begins to subside. The total weight to be gained in the first three months is only 3 to 4 pounds so you need not worry much if your weight does not show much change at this stage. If you plan to travel the best time would be in the second trimester when body is more at ease. In the second trimester, you are way past the morning sickness but not yet to the third stage of pregnancy when you are mostly tired.

The stomach starts growing after this stage as the uterus has grown to fill the pelvis and it feels like a smooth, soft ball. If you have not yet put on weight, expect this to change after the 11th week. Your partner will not experience the changes that you feel at this stage and might feel left out so you can share the excitement with him as well as include him while visiting the gynecologist during the monthly check ups.

Baby’s Development

Week 11

Your Symptoms: The uterus has grown outside of the pelvis, so you may be starting to show.

Baby’s Development: Baby can open and close his mouth. The skin is thickening, and teeth buds are forming.

Baby’s Size: 5 cm (size of a plum).

To Do: Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, and try to sneak in a nap during the day.

At this stage all the parts of the baby are well formed though very tiny in shape and size. The baby’s head forms a major part and covers almost half the length of the body. The fingers and toes which seem to be together till now are totally separated in this week. The bones begin to harden but the skin remains thin and transparent. Even if you do not feel the baby moving at this stage he/she is very active by now. The baby is around 21/2 inches long and half an ounce in weight. The baby is now able to swallow and the urinary system functions well at this stage. The fetus urinates the amniotic fluid in the body and the fluid is continuously replaced. The important organs are all well formed by now and function normally. From this week the organs will grow in size and start functioning more efficiently.

The growth of the baby is phenomenal now and the length is expected to double in the following three weeks. The placenta’s blood vessels increase and provide the baby with the nutrients and oxygen required for rapid growth. The ears of the baby move from the neck towards the side of the head. Inside the abdomen the baby starts developing intestines which are so large that they might venture into the umbilical cord to be returned in place within the next two weeks. Tiny tooth buds start appearing under the baby’s gums though each baby develops a little differently. The baby will be able to open and close its fist and will be busy kicking and stretching in the stomach. As the baby’s diaphragm develops he might develop hiccups but you may not feel the movements till a slightly advanced stage.

Changes with your body

In the 11th week of pregnancy noticeable changes start occurring in your physical appearance although the weight gain might be still quite slow and the stomach appears to have a paunch in some women. Some women notice changes taking place in their hair, fingernails and toenails which tend to increase rapidly. This is a normal phenomenon and can occur due to hormonal changes or increased circulation. While there are rapid developments occurring in the baby you may be experiencing slow changes in your physical body.

Your uterus has been growing along with the baby and is now big enough to fill your pelvis. You will be able to feel your uterus in the lower abdomen above the middle pubic bone. Some women feel the movements of the baby at this stage but mostly these are false alarms as the fluttering in the stomach at this stage can occur due to gas or other digestive problems. The quantity of blood being pumped around the body is high and you can feel warmer than before. You can expect strange symptoms like excessive saliva or feeling thirsty but these are common and you must try to find out what is safe and what is not at this stage. Do not be alarmed if there is no weight gain till now as most women gain around 2 to 5 pounds during the first trimester which is not even half of the weight she puts on in the entire pregnancy. There is rapid weight increase as the pregnancy advances not right at the beginning.

What to expect

At the end of the first trimester, you can expect the body to settle down with the morning sickness patterns and actually start feeling better in the 11th and 12th week of pregnancy. The body starts showing signs of pregnancy as you start gaining weight slowly and steadily. You can expect to do a fetal ultrasound externally after the 11th week. Before this, if you went for a fetal ultrasound it would have to be done internally by inserting a transducer in the vagina which is not too safe. This test can be conducted up to the 20th week from the 11th week onwards and this test tells you the fetal condition, age size and the number of babies present. It is necessary to have at least one fetal ultrasound performed between the 11th and 20th week to detect any defects or abnormal conditions as well as find out the number of fetuses you are carrying. You can check with the doctor for a list of foods which you must avoid in your diet as well as which drinks to avoid. Normally a doctor will recommend all natural food especially fruits and vegetables. Alcohol and smoking will be prohibited from the beginning of the pregnancy until it is finished. Food poisoning and unadvised medications should also be avoided.