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19 Weeks Pregnant


During the 19th week of pregnancy, quite a few changes take place in the body of

19weekspregnant the mother. However change are taking place in the baby as well. The mother is quite relaxed as she is in the middle of the pregnancy and has adapted to the different changes that have taken place in her body. A few problems might occur related to skin or pressure or levels of iron in the body. But all is well and good as long as one follows a healthy diet and the instruction of her healthcare professional.

For skin problems, she can consult her healthcare professional or follow simple tips given by family as these problems are not very major ones. The baby by this time grows significantly and the mother can usually feel him perfectly by his kicks and punches. Even if the baby does not kick or pouch it is absolutely normal, though one can always get a sonogram done to be on the safe side.

Baby’s Development

Week 19

Your Symptoms: You might notice dark patches of skin on your face (cholasma). The skin of your nipples and underarms might also be darkening.

Baby’s Development: Baby’s eyes make random movements under the lids, but they are still fused shut. She also has defined fingerprints.

Baby’s Size: 13 cm (size of an heirloom tomato), 140 g.

To Do: Sign up for prenatal and/or breastfeeding classes; they tend to fill up fast. You may also want to set up a tour of the hospital where you will be delivering.

In the nineteenth week of pregnancy, the development of the baby becomes very specific. The kidneys of the baby start making urine. There also growth of hair on the scalp of the baby. The gums start developing the teeth of the baby. A remarkable development is in the brain where the parts that control the senses start specializing. If the baby is a girl then at this time her ovaries have more than 6 million eggs. While prior to this week the baby was measured from its crown to rump, now the baby is measured from his head to toe. The length of the baby is 7 ½ inches and his weight is around 7 ounces. The skeleton of the baby hardens and the muscles in his body become stronger.

If one has already started feeling the baby, then one realizes that the kicks and the punches of the baby have become much rigorous at this stage. The baby moves in the stomach trying to figure out the limits of the womb with both his arms and legs. The baby also sleeps a lot, around 20 hours in a day, but often gets up when the mother wants to lie down and take rest or go off to sleep. By the 19th week of pregnancy the baby becomes aware of the sounds that take place outside the uterus of the mother. One might feel the baby getting startled at some unexpected or loud noise that is made.

Changes with your Body

During the 29th week of pregnancy, many women notice that certain areas of their body have become dry and flaky. It is necessary to eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water to avoid any skin problems. These tips can also be followed as remedies. Using a moisturizer on the dry and flaky region is also a good idea. To get rid of the stretch marks that have developed on the skin, one can use a lotion that has cocoa butter.

A woman in the 19th week of her pregnancy may suffer from heat rashes as she tends to perspire a lot during this period. Applying cornstarch in the affected area is a good measure of relief to keep the area cool and dry. This is the time when the metabolism rate of a woman is very high. It is better to dress in to layers of fabrics through which one’s body can breathe to avoid overheating. It is advisable that one stay out of sun as much as possible to avoid overheating. One should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. However, drinks with caffeine or large amount of sugar should be avoided.

A woman might experience fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, palpitation of the heart, spells of fainting in the 29th week pregnancy. This may be because one is suffering from iron deficiency or anemia. One should get a test done from the healthcare provider to check for anemia. The baby in this stage requires the red blood cells that carry oxygen for his/her growth, so becoming anemic is quite possible if one does not eat a healthy diet rich in iron.

Dizziness might also be caused low blood pressure or hypotension. Hypotension is caused when one lies in a sideways position. In this position, the uterus puts pressure upon the vena cave and aorta that are the major blood carrying vessels in one’s body. Hypotension is also caused by rising quickly from a squatting, sitting or kneeling position. To avoid hypotension, it is better to lie down on one’s back and rise slowly from any position.

A woman may also suffer from round ligament pain, a pain that rises in the abdomen and either or both of the hip areas. This pain may also increase to the groin for some women. However, all these pains are considered to be normal as many changes take place in a woman’s body during this time.

What you expect

19th week of pregnancy is the time when the baby becomes aware of the sounds that he can hear from outside the womb. It would be a good idea to invite the father of the baby to talk to him. The older siblings or other members of the baby’s family should also talk to the baby. Allow your pets to also get acquainted to the baby in the womb. When the baby comes out he/she would be able to recognize everybody by their voices. The baby might get scared by loud voices so it is better to talk to him in soft tones. Often women take herbal treatment during these days of pregnancy. It is advisable not to take these herbal treatments without the knowledge of the healthcare provider or a herbalist. Many of these herbs that seem harmless might cause stimulation of the uterine muscles which may lead to a miscarriage.