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2 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s Development

If you consider this to be the second week from conception then you can notice the following changes in the embryo. The2weekspregnant embryo will now comprise of 150 cells which will be divided into three layers and each layer will then develop in an independent fashion. The internal layer called as the endoderm or endoblast will transform into the digestive system and the respiratory tract which will include certain glands like the pancreas, liver, thymus and thyroid.

The middle layer called the mesoderm will be converted into bones and cartilage and the circulatory system including the heart and blood vessels. The middle layer will also consist of the inner skin layer, excretory system, muscles, genitalia, loins and the outer covering.

Week 2

Your Symptoms: You will likely ovulate at the end of the week. Signs of ovulation include an increase in basal body temperature and an increase in clear, stretchy, egg-white cervical mucus.

Baby’s Development: The mature ovarian follicle releases the egg, and it begins to travel down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If there is sperm to meet the egg, fertilization can occur.

Baby’s Size: No baby yet. An egg is 0.1 mm and a sperm is much smaller.

To Do: Have intercourse close to ovulation. Sperm live for 72 hours and the egg lives for 24 hours.

The third layer is the outer layer known as the ectoderm or ectoblast and will consist of the nervous system, the brain and the epidermis including the skin, hair and nails. In the second week the embryo floats liberally in the uterus and is protected by the secretions of the uterine lining. The baby’s size can be .1 to .2mm at this stage.

Changes with your body

The last period is over and you will not be getting another menstrual cycle until the baby is born. Estrogen levels tend to rise during this period which spike energy levels. The uterus is building a new level of endometrium to cushion and nourish the baby. The other changes which occur internally include development of a strong immune system.

One of the ovaries is growing and ripening an egg for ovulation. The uterine lining is thickening and some women can feel ovulation with a one sided pain especially in the middle region. It is important to know the family history as 75% of the complications can be identified at this stage and the necessary precautions taken. You are at your fertile peak during this period and thus have the greatest chance of conceiving. The body will produce estrogen and progesterone in varying amounts to prepare the body for ovulation. During ovulation the body temperature increases and will remain so throughout the entire pregnancy. 10-14 days after ovulation, one can experience the following signs. These are increased fatigue, nausea, frequency of urination, sleep disturbances, breast tenderness, missed periods and a strange metallic taste in the mouth.

What to expect

There are not many noticeable changes during this stage both because the embryo is yet very small. You can however expect a little tenderness in the breasts or a little nausea. In some cases, one can feel very drowsy during the second week. Most gynecologist calculate pregnancy from the beginning of the last monthly cycle. This comes to about 40 or 42 weeks for the entire pregnancy. However the period of delivery can vary from 38 weeks to 42 weeks. You can make a rough estimate of your due date but it is quite rare that women deliver on the exact due date calculated.

The first two weeks are extremely exciting for most women as they start calculating their pregnancy as soon as they decide to conceive. They experience the joy of creating a life which is a major turning point in their life especially if it is the first pregnancy. One should be careful about the diet and lifestyle as this will matter the most with regard to the proper development and formation of the baby. If you have any negative habits of smoking and consuming alcohol by this time you should have completely stopped them as they can harm the fetus. Also the consumption of drugs without consultation with your doctor can prove to be harmful. Even if there are no external signs of change one needs to be specially careful at this time to prevent any kind of internal injuries to the child as the first few weeks are important in creating a healthy embryo which will lead to a healthy birth.