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22 Weeks Pregnant


At 22 weeks of pregnancy, you are quite comfortably settled and halfway through your pregnant stage. You are in the

22weekspregnant middle of your second trimester. You have started enjoying the idea of being pregnant by now and are planning for the forthcoming events of child birth and baby care. You must have started gaining weight and overcome the initial nausea and morning sickness. At 22 weeks, the baby is growing at a steady pace and you might start feeling baby’s movements.

An expectant mother ought to take care and certain precautions during this stage of pregnancy. First and foremost, avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy. The baby is developing at a very fast pace from the moment of conception, through the first trimester. This period is very crucial regarding baby’s development. So the mother must be very careful. A woman must prepare herself mentally as well as physically for pregnancy. She must adopt and make necessary lifestyle changes for healthy living. There are many physical and emotional changes taking place in a woman’s body during pregnancy. She must handle these by taking advice from family, friends and medical experts. A balanced diet, good exercise regimen, positive outlook will help the mother in maintaining well being through pregnancy. This will also ensure healthy development of the baby

Baby’s Development

Week 22

Your Symptoms: The hair on your head is probably thick and shiny, but you may have also noticed increased (and unwanted) body and facial hair.

Baby’s Development: The pancreas is developing and beginning to produce hormones. The bones in the inner ear are hardening, which will help with balance.

Baby’s Size: 25.6 cm (size of a spaghetti squash), 300 g.

To Do: Create a baby registry, especially if this is your first baby or you know you are having a shower.

The baby is gaining weight during this period. The baby weighs approximately one pound. The crown to heel or rump length is about 27 cms or 11 inches approximately. The baby resembles a newborn child at this stage, only difference is that it is much thinner as there isn’t much development of baby fat yet. Though the baby is steadily gaining weight, the skin still has a wrinkled appearance. The baby’s body is undergoing continuous growth and development.

All organs in the baby’s body are developing at a rapid rate. The liver of the baby has started production of various enzymes that are required for breaking down of billirubin. The billirubin is produced as a result of the breaking down of red blood cells. The fetal red blood cells have a shorter life span and so there is more production of billirubin in a fetus. The billirubin from fetal blood goes into the placenta and then passes into mother’s blood. The mother’s liver gets rid of the fetal billirubin. The pancreas of the baby is developing and growing at a steady rate.

The baby shows distinct lips and eyes at 22 weeks pregnant stage. The iris or the colored part of the eye is still lacking pigment. The eyelids and eyebrows are well formed. The tooth buds are formed and can be seen lying under the gum line. At this stage of 22 weeks pregnancy, the baby’s brain is developing very rapidly. The sensory systems of the baby are also developing very fast during this period. The brain has developed a good network of neurons by now, and baby is learning about the sense of touch. The baby may start exploring its face by stroking and start moving legs and arms to touch and feel. In the case of a female fetus, the ovaries and primitive ova or egg cells have developed well. The female fetus will also have a completely formed uterus by now.

Changes With Your Body

You will start noticing quite a few visible physical changes in your body at 22 weeks pregnant stage. The initial signs of pregnancy and symptoms of early pregnancy include increased hormone levels, tenderness and tingling of breasts, spotting, bleeding, abdominal cramps, pains, pelvic discomfort, morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, irritability, sleepiness, dizziness, fainting, mild headaches, constipation, food cravings and aversions and so on. Every pregnancy is unique and different, so all women experience different symptoms. The experience of pregnancy is different for all women. Some women may have very severe symptoms and some women may experience absolutely no signs and symptoms.

The initial signs and┬ásymptoms of nausea and vomiting may decrease during the later stages of pregnancy. For some women, these may continue throughout the pregnancy period. At 22 weeks pregnant stage, the most visible changes are weight gain, increase in breast size and protrusion of the belly. The blood volume increases a lot at this stage to meet the pregnancy demands. There is increased flow of blood in the lower part of the body resulting in greater vaginal discharge. The expectant mother may experience an increased urge of frequenting the restroom. Some women may develop hemorrhoids and have bleeding from the rectum or anus. The pregnant woman may feel the baby’s movements also.

What to Expect

There are going to be many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. You must learn to handle these with proper planning. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy child. The expectant mother must curb the habits of smoking and drinking as these are harmful and risky for baby’s development. The pregnant woman must take due care by ingesting a well balanced diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, iron and calcium. She ought to indulge in light exercises by way of daily walks and breathing exercises. Above all, it is essential that the expectant mother keeps a positive outlook and disposition throughout pregnancy.

It is necessary that the pregnant woman talks with her family, friends, partner and medical experts for advice and planning. This will help in relieving her anxieties and dispelling any doubts. The expectant mother ought to go for regular ante natal medical check up to keep a track of baby’s development. The mother must also check blood for anemia. The mother has started gaining weight at this stage, she must check that there is proper and healthy weight gain. The belly will start expanding, so apply creams to avoid stretch marks. Observe good hygiene during this stage of pregnancy to avoid UTI, and also take precautionary measures to avoid constipation. It is advisable to treat hemorrhoids in time, to avoid complications.

Motherhood is an experience of a lifetime. So enjoy the pregnancy by being positive and taking due care of yourself and your baby.