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39 Weeks Pregnant


You can prepare to welcome your baby. Your baby can arrive at any time as labor pain can occur at any moment in the

39weekspregnant 39th week of pregnancy. You must watch out for signs of labor. When your baby is 39 weeks old, it gets cramped inside due to lack of space and is ready to function outside the womb. Be prepared to deliver your baby at any hour during this week. Anytime before the official due date you may deliver your baby and it will be counted as full term.

If your baby is born in 39th week, then the baby will be grown completely. You need not worry if the baby is born in the 39th week as it is likely that there would not be any problems. At this stage, your baby will be bigger and weigh nearly seven pounds. This baby is cramped inside and ready to get out. Due to lack of space, the baby cannot move as freely as it used to.

The birth of baby is just a few days away and you do not have worry. You can simply think of all the comfortable massages you will be enjoying shortly. You may be impatiently waiting for the birth of baby, but you need not worry as it’s only a matter of a few days. Get ready to welcome your baby.

Baby’s development

Week 39

Your Symptoms: You may have noticed that the baby has dropped into your pelvis, making it easier to breathe but harder to walk. You may also lose your mucus plug, allowing your cervix to begin dilating.

Baby’s Development: Baby is continuing to gain weight.

Baby’s Size: 48.6 cm, 3 kg.

To Do: Pack your hospital bag and take some time to relax!

The baby is perfectly healthy and is in a good state in its 39th week. At the 39th week, the lungs of the baby become more mature. The surfactant production will be increasing at this stage of pregnancy. The baby will likely weigh over seven pounds. The baby continues to grow until delivery.

The baby should be kept under a close monitoring during these last days of pregnancy. A regular check on child’s heartbeat could keep you updated with the baby’s progress. Your baby is ready to enter the world having completed all of its major development requirements. The baby will seem a bit peculiar after the birth. You need not worry however as all newborns look different from what is expected. However, these strange looks do not last for a long time. Within few days, the baby will grow completely and look normal and beautiful. The features will change within couple of days following birth. It is necessary for the baby to regulate the body temperature once they are born. Your body will start building new cells by replacing the older skin cells.

Changes in your body

At the 39th week, you will notice many changes in your body. You will feel more uncomfortable during this time. You may feel a bit clumsy and feel like you are swaying around as your entire center of gravity is off balance. You will feel heavier as the baby continues to grow. It will become difficult for you get up from your bed or sit easily on the chair. However, these discomforts will all be over soon.

Your breasts will become larger and fuller. They will feel sensitive. You will not be able to sleep at night and will often require visits to the bathroom. You will have to deal with leg cramps while you are sleeping. Some find it more comfortable sleeping in a recliner than sleeping on a bed. You would notice a swelling on your feet and legs at the 39th week of pregnancy. You will also find your fingers and face swollen too. If this is a problem, you can consult with your doctor.

You will experience false labor contractions. While you are having false contractions, you will be able to move easily. You may not be able to talk or walk if you are going into real labor. If you are having real labor, then it will be difficult for you to change positions. You would feel severe pain while changing your position also the contractions will get worse with time. You water could break at any hour. You would also feel a drop of water or sometimes even a large gush of water during this stage of pregnancy. If you feel the water is broken or is about to break, then you need to get to the hospital. It is probably time for the baby to arrive.

The closer to the end of pregnancy, the more would you hear about being effaced. Cervix prepares for delivery in the process of effacement. The baby gets engaged in pelvis and slowly comes closer to the cervix.

What to expect

You may start imagining how your baby will look. You could deliver your baby anytime during this week. There isn’t much time left as 38 weeks have already sailed. And the remaining days will also pass swiftly and end soon. Although the delivery of your baby is near, you want to monitor your baby’s movements. It is been found that many doctors actually count the movements of the baby. You may have already purchased a lot of things for your baby. Sonograms could help judge the size and gender of the baby. You can decide whether you want your partner to be present at the time of delivery or you want to be alone.

Your baby should remain active until his or her birth. A decrease in baby’s activities could be a sign of problem in baby. You must consult your doctor and take the necessary precautionary steps. In less than 15% of pregnancies, you will find the membranes rupture. If your water happens to break, call your doctor immediately. However, do not panic as it may be hours in advance of your first contraction.