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4 Weeks Pregnant


You can find out conclusively whether you are pregnant at 4 weeks pregnancy. It means exactly one month of pregnancy. If4weekspregnant a woman does not get her periods for that particular month, then she can be sure that there is a good chance of her being pregnant. One can go for an early pregnancy test to confirm. Even if there are no missed periods, still the woman may undergo an early pregnancy test. This can later be supplemented by a confirmatory test. One must be sure of one’s ovulation dates, otherwise there is a possibility of a false negative test.

Women need to take certain precautions during pregnancy. It is advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks, smoking and consumption of certain medicines and drugs. The women who plan to get pregnant must switch over to healthier lifestyle with good dietary intake, regular exercise and adequate rest along with peaceful sleep. Good sleep is very important for conceiving and proper development and nourishment of the mother as well as the baby.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a highly crucial period for the baby’s well being, development and health. The fetus is at highest risk for fetal abnormalities during this period. So the expectant mother must try and avoid all toxic substances. Sometimes, a woman may discover an unexpected pregnancy. She must not get unnecessarily scared if she has taken some drinks or wine. Once she has found out that she is pregnant, then she ought to take care thereafter.

Baby’s Development

Week 4

Your Symptoms: Sensitivity to odors, irritability, fatigue, breast tenderness, or nothing at all.

Baby’s Development: The embryo consists of two layers of cells. The yolk sac is forming and will provide nourishment to the baby until the placenta is functioning.

Baby’s Size: 1.2 mm (size of a poppyseed).

To Do: Stay busy to distract yourself from wondering if you are pregnant. A test may be accurate at the end of the week.

A woman who is 4 weeks pregnant must take a lot of care as of all pregnancy stages, the baby is developing very fast at this stage. The baby has started developing and growing immediately after conception and fertilization. The fetus size may become about .04 inches. It seems very tiny, but is quite large in comparison with the last week’s size which was so small that it could fit the eyehole of a needle. The fetus starts growing at a super fast pace during 4 weeks pregnancy stage and this pace continues over the next weeks. At 4 weeks pregnant stage, the fetus is trying to implant itself on the uterine lining. When the fetus gets implanted onto the uterine lining, it will stay there in the safe environs for the next 8 months.

The baby’s development at 4 weeks pregnant stage is in its most initial stages including cellular changes. The baby’s vascular networks are growing and developing and these help in transportation of blood, oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. The rudimentary placenta and umbilical cord is developed around this time and they deliver oxygen and nourishment to the fetus. The baby’s organ development is also in the earliest stages at this time. The embryo that has developed from the ball of cells might be the size of an apple kernel.

The embryo at the 4 weeks pregnant stage is made up of 3 layers, namely the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. The ectoderm will develop into the nervous system of the baby. The mesoderm forms the foundation for baby’s circulatory system, heart, muscles, bones, kidneys and reproductive system. Baby’s intestines, lungs and bladder will develop from the endoderm.

Changes With Your Body

At 4 weeks pregnant stage, the expectant mother might be in an anxious or excited state of mind. If the woman is pregnant for the first time, then this anxiety is heightened further. This anxiety can be reduced by taking short naps and relaxing. Some women might experience morning sickness due to hormonal changes. The body produces more of HCG or pregnancy hormone during the first weeks of pregnancy. Some women feel and experience light headedness, fainting or dizziness.

The early symptoms of pregnancy may also include abdominal cramps and pains. Most of the women have sore or tender breasts during the 4th week of pregnancy. This may be accompanied by a tingling sensation as well. In majority cases, women feel nauseated and feel like vomiting. The pregnant woman may become extra sensitive to smells and odors. Some women may have an expanded waistline. In some case, the women might feel very tired and exhausted. As there are hormonal changes taking place in a pregnant woman’s body, there is a likelihood of mood upheavals or swings. The pregnant woman may feel irritated or distressed.

Majority of the early pregnancy signs and symptoms resemble those of the premenstrual signs and symptoms. The pregnancy signs differ in various women as every woman has a unique pregnancy. In some pregnant women, the signs and symptoms may be very severe and intensified, whereas some women may experience very mild or no symptoms at all.

What to Expect

Pregnancy is very significant and important milestone in a mother’s life. The joys of motherhood are immense and most of the changes that take place in the pregnant woman’s body are perfectly normal and natural. The expectant mother must accept this fact and prepare accordingly for pregnancy and motherhood. The woman must prepare herself physically and mentally for the pregnancy. It is essential that the mother to be remains happy and cheerful through her pregnancy as it will benefit the baby’s growth and development.

The mother to be must be well informed of the medical implications of pregnancy. She can consult family, friends and medical experts regarding the same. Talking and planning with partner will also help in reducing the tensions and anxieties. The expectant mother needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle for good development of baby. First and foremost, the mother to be must take a well balanced diet with ample nutrition and vitamins. It is very essential for the pregnant woman to indulge in light workouts by way of daily walks and yoga. The most important thing for a pregnant woman is to maintain a positive frame of mind.

The early pregnancy signs and symptoms can be overcome by little management. Adequate rest and relaxation is a must for pregnant women. The woman can join ante natal classes which will help her to deal effectively with the pregnancy period.