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41 Weeks Pregnant


You have started your 41st week of pregnancy. Its time to pack your bags if you haven’t done so already. You and your baby are both impatiently awaiting birth. You have waited a long 40 weeks and now its time for the arrival of the baby.

The baby is completely grown and ready to come out. You may get your labor pain any time so you need to be prepared. You must decide whether your partner will come along for the delivery. Be fully prepared to leave for the hospital at any moment.

You can keep a pregnancy journal to enjoy it. Remember not to remove tags of the clothes that you have already purchased for your baby as the size of the baby might vary. You can plan for a great homecoming for your baby. You will need to pack a lot of things for the baby including gifts. You might get labor pains anytime so you need be prepared.

You need to continue with your exercises (walking is good) and healthy eating. You need to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy food in your meals. Moderate exercising will help you to be fit and ultimately help during delivery. Kegel exercises on a regular basis will help strengthening uterine muscles. You also need to rest in order to collect energy for delivery and stay in a healthy condition. You will have a healthy baby only if you remain in a healthy condition.

Baby’s Development

By 41st week of pregnancy, the baby grows completely. Your baby is trying hard to get comfortable by making continuous movements. Your baby is sitting in a cramped position by 41st week and is ready to come out of the womb. The baby is eagerly waiting for birth much like yourself.

By now, a baby will weigh 8 ┬╝ pounds on average and stretch to almost 20 inches long. The baby sleeps a lot as there is no space for it to move. The baby continues to sleep even during the contractions. As the pushing contraction occurs, the baby’s head is pushed downwards and then baby is pushed back. This continues until the baby moves down through the birth canal and remains visible.

As the baby continues to grow it does not find space to move and makes the mother feel heavier. Although the baby adds some weight, it manages to move swiftly. All the organs of the baby are matured and the bones become strong. Only the brain and lungs mature after the birth of the baby. There is very little lanugo left on the baby’s skin. Some of the lanugo will remain behind the ears. You can continue counting the kicks of the baby. There should be about 10 kicks in 4 hours of time. If you have any concerns related to your baby then you should rush and visit your doctor. On an average the babies are born four days after the due date.

Changes in your body

The inner part of your vagina may sting and burn due to the upside down position of the baby. During the 41st week of pregnancy, you will still experience various changes in your body. You will feel the kicks and movements of the baby. If you do not get labor pains by this time, then you must visit doctor for a regular checkup. You can count the kicks in order to reassure yourself that your baby is fine.

If in case your labor is induced, there are many things that can be done. Breaking your water could help stimulating contractions. You could take a pessary of hormone gel in your vagina which will help labor inducing hormones. You could be also given drip of oxytocin which would help putting hormones directly in your bloodstream in order to induce labor.

You need to prepare yourself to welcome the baby. Mostly the babies in a healthy environment weigh more also have more amount of hair. Your baby will come out when it is ready. You need not worry. Focus on preparing for the arrival of the baby. You will become more anxious than ever. Its time for you to rejoice as your baby is to arrive soon. Save all your energy and for your delivery.

You may suffer from indigestion, heartburn, or nausea during the 41st week of pregnancy. You should eat fiber rich meals also avoid fatty foodstuffs. Consumption of adequate amount of water is necessary in order to remain hydrated. You may feel frustrated as the due date is approaching and you are waiting for the baby.

What to expect

If you happen to develop a vaginal discharge that smells foul, then you must visit your doctor as there could be a┬áproblem. Only about 5% of the babies are born on their actual due dates. You can keep a track of every week of your pregnancy and treasure these final days. You need not worry as many women pass their due dates. If the due date passes, then artificial induction methods can be used for labor. You can also go for some non-medical techniques. Sometimes a nice long walk is all it takes to induce labor at this stage. Consult your doctor before going through any techniques at home for inducing labor. A non-stress test will be helpful it can assure you of baby’s good health. You might get your labor pains anytime. You need not worry. Just relax and wait for the baby to arrive.