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5 Weeks Pregnant


Five weeks of pregnancy means a little over one month of the pregnancy stages have gone by. Any woman who wants to start a family or become5weekspregnant a mother must note that some precautions have to be taken to ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Motherhood is a blissful stage of one’s life and can be enjoyed greatly if everything is alright. Before conception itself, a woman can switch over to a healthier lifestyle. The first trimester of a pregnancy is an important landmark as far as fetal development is concerned. The main and maximum development of the fetus takes place during this period, so the expectant mother needs to be very careful. It is essential that one avoids alcoholic drinks, drugs, medications and smoking during the conception and first trimester of pregnancy.

Once the mother has her pregnancy confirmed, she must take adequate care of herself to ensure proper development of the baby. A woman who is becoming a mother for the first time may be quite apprehensive and tense. Talking with her parents, partner, friends, relatives and family physician can help ease her mind. She can also read informative books to dispel doubts and fears.

A woman who is pregnant for the second time may have different problems like handling the first child, increased workload, etc. It is very essential that one be prepared mentally as well as physically for the forthcoming events of pregnancy and child birth. The women have to decide about stoppage of contraception, conceiving, confirmatory tests, check ups, work, career, baby care, and so on.

The baby starts developing immediately after conception. The egg is fertilized by the sperm. Cell development starts and a ball of cells is formed. Initially, this embryo is floating freely in the uterus but later comes to rest on the uterine wall. The embryo takes nutrients from the uterus. The embryo develops 3 layers by the fourth week. Tissue and organ formation begins at this stage.

Baby’s Development

Week 5

Your Symptoms: Breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination.

Baby’s Development: The embryo now has three layers: the outer layer will become the brain and spinal cord, the mid layer will become the heart and skeleton, and the inner layer will become intestines and lungs.

Baby’s Size: 2.5 mm (size of a sesame seed).

To Do: Take a pregnancy test!

The embryo undergoes development at a very fast pace during the 4th and 5th weeks of pregnancy. The size of the embryo at 5 weeks pregnant is nearly 5 to 6 mm long. The embryo gets attached to the uterus wall. A rudimentary placenta is formed along with an umbilical cord. The embryo gets its oxygen and nourishment supply from the mother through the placenta and the umbilical cord. The embryo or fetus develops a head and tail with buds in the places of limbs.

There are two tissue folds near the head which start forming ears. The bud-like structures form limbs in later stages of embryonic development. The three distinctive layers that are formed during this stage form the outermost, middle and innermost layers. A neural tube develops from outermost layer and goes on to form the various parts of the nervous system like the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The neural tube connecting the brain and spinal cord closes here. The heart and circulatory system are developed from the middle layer. The heart starts beating. The digestive system, lungs and urinary system are formed from the innermost layer.

During the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby or the embryo starts developing its eyes. The head starts showing the appearance of opening its mouth. Facial features like the nostrils start forming during this week. The beginning of toes and fingers are also seen at the 5 weeks pregnant stage. There is formation of three distinctive regions of the brain. The embryo undergoes rapid growth during the fifth week.

Changes With Your body

The expectant mother might be feeling anxious or excited during the first trimester. If a woman is experiencing pregnancy for first time, then there is slightly more apprehension and anxiety. There are many hormonal changes taking place in the body. Levels of progesterone and estrogen increase. Some expectant mothers may feel very sleepy. Some women experience feelings of nausea and vomiting. There may also be symptoms of morning sickness. Some women actually vomit. There is a sensation of light headedness, dizziness and fainting in some cases. At the 5 weeks pregnant stage, some women may develop certain food cravings or may start detesting some food items.

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy may include abdominal pains and cramps. They may be accompanied with pelvic discomfort. Due to changes in hormone levels, expectant mothers may have mood swings and upheavals. There are feelings of tiredness and being bloated. There are many physical changes like slight tingling sensations and tenderness of the breasts. In some cases, the women might have light bleeding or spotting due to implantation bleeding. Some women do not feel or experience the tell tale signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The pregnancy experience is distinctive and unique for every individual woman.

A breastfeeding mother, who is experiencing an early second pregnancy, may experience extreme exhaustion and tiredness. Every pregnancy is unique and different, so the same woman may have different experiences during her various pregnancies.

What To Expect

The experience of motherhood is one of the best experiences of one’s lifetime. It is a joyful and enjoyable stage of one’s life. It can be made more productive and exciting by preparing oneself physically and mentally. The first month can be trying and taxing. One should maintain a positive frame of mind and adopt a healthier lifestyle to ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. The expectant mother must take a balanced and healthy diet and follow a regular exercise regimen of light physical exercises and walks. The various breathing exercises of Yoga will help the pregnant woman to cope up with the stress of the forthcoming delivery.

The expectant mother must go in for a regular check up once the pregnancy has been confirmed. She must consult the physician and family and friends for advice and guidance. This will help in reducing the anxieties, fears and tensions. A woman who is becoming mother for the second time is experienced enough, but every pregnancy is different and should be treated as such.