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6 Weeks Pregnant


Pregnancy at 6 weeks means nearly half of the first trimester of pregnancy is complete. At the 6 weeks pregnant stage, there are sizable6weekspregnant developments of the baby and some noticeable changes in the expectant mother as well. The expectant mother has confirmed the pregnancy. At this stage, there’s no doubt about it: you’re pregnant. All pregnancy tests are quite conclusive by this time. The expectant mother has taken enough care and precaution at the time of conception and during the first five weeks as well.

Motherhood is the most happy and ecstatic state of a woman’s life. It is a great feeling to be a mother. A pregnancy can be unexpected or planned. Some women might have some problems while conceiving or may have a genetic history of some medical conditions. Such women must consult medical experts prior to conception.

If the pregnancy is unexpected, then confirm it through a proper pregnancy test and decide about continuation. A woman has to give proper thought to family planning as a lot of issues are involved like physical and mental preparation, contraception, conceiving, medical history, financial planning, baby care, gap between two babies, continuation of job or career and so on.

One must take some precaution and care if one is planning to have a baby. A woman must adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a good balanced diet, regular workouts and a positive outlook. The baby is developing at a tremendously fast pace in the first trimester and is at a high risk of developing certain abnormalities if the mother is smoking or drinking. So the expectant mother needs to refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking and consuming drugs and certain medications. The mother must try and avoid consumption of toxic substances. The woman can ensure the well being of her health and baby’s health during pregnancy and child birth by moving in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.

Baby’s Development

Week 6

Your Symptoms: Fluctuating hormones may cause emotional lability and moodiness.

Baby’s Development: The body is C-shaped. It has a primitive tail, limb buds, and a heartbeat!

Baby’s Size: 4 mm (size of a lentil).

To Do: Continue or start an exercise program. Moderate exercise like walking or swimming is safe and recommended in normal healthy pregnancies.

At 6 weeks pregnant, the baby is developing at a very rapid rate. The size of the embryo or the fetus is similar to that of a small bean. The embryo has a very big head in comparison to the entire body. The facial features become noticeable and one is able to see dark spots at the places where eyes and nose are taking shape. The emerging ear marks can also be seen on both sides of the head. The hands and legs are seen as protruding buds. The feet and hands look like paddles and the toe and finger formation can be seen in the earliest stage.

Organ formation has started at the 6 weeks pregnant stage. The earliest appearance of lungs, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland is seen at this stage. There is marked distinction of the brain into three different regions. The heart is also divided into distinct right chamber and left chamber. The heart also starts beating vigorously at this time at a rate of 150 heart beats per minute.

The respiratory and digestive systems begin to develop. The inner ear and larynx also start forming at this time. The embryo shows growth and development of muscle fibers and the pituitary glands. By the 6th week of pregnancy, the embryo starts making its first movements. These movements are very slight and small and can’t be felt by the mother yet. The movements become more vigorous at later stages of  embryonic development and can be felt by the expectant mother in second and third trimesters.

Changes With Your Body

The expectant mother may or may not experience the sign and symptoms of pregnancy. The signs and symptoms are prominently visible in some women. The symptoms of early pregnant stage include morning sickness, tiredness, fatigue, vomiting sensations, abdominal cramps or pains, pelvic discomfort and so on. Some of the women going through the early stages of pregnancy may experience increased sleepiness. On the other hand, some expectant mothers feel very irritable and have a disrupted sleep pattern. In many cases, the pregnant woman feels nauseated. Some women take an intense liking to certain food items and some may start detesting some foods they otherwise enjoy.

Hormone levels increase during pregnancy. The body produces more estrogen and progesterone. This may lead to major mood swings and mood changes. Some women feel a tingling sensation or tenderness in the breasts. The pregnancy symptoms of early pregnancy may resemble those of the premenstrual syndrome. There could be implantation bleeding or spotting in some cases. One should not get terribly concerned by this but should still consulting their physician.

The pregnancy experience is quite unique and distinctive for every woman. Some women do not have any symptoms of pregnancy other than missed periods. The pregnant woman may feel quite excited and nervous during this initial stage of pregnancy. There might be some weight increase during the 6 weeks pregnant stage.

What To Expect

You are still getting used to the idea of being pregnant at the 6 weeks pregnant mark. As the embryonic development is taking place at a very fast pace. The expectant mother may have severe symptoms of pregnancy like the morning sickness, nausea, food cravings, food aversions, fatigue, tender breasts and frequent urination. Despite its name, the morning sickness can take place at any time of the day. It tends to occur when the stomach is empty which is why most women experience the sickness upon awakening. If you experience severe vomiting, you must drink ample water to remain hydrated at all times. This period of pregnancy is very crucial regarding baby’s development. The expectant mother must totally avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs and certain beauty treatments.

The expectant mother must go for the first medical checkup at the hospital at the six weeks stage to ensure that everything is alright. If you are scared about miscarriage, then contact the doctor immediately in case of bleeding, cramping, abdominal pain and passing of blood clots or tissue. The pregnant woman must take good care of herself during pregnancy by way of balanced diet, regular exercise coupled with a cheerful and happy disposition. This will help in having a safe and secure pregnancy along with a healthy baby.