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Breast size and changes during pregnancy

There are remarkable changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy. The uterus grows in size, there is gain in weight, itching of skin takes place and the size of breasts changes during pregnancy. Among these changes the most intriguing change that occurs is the change of breasts.

Early changes

During early stages of pregnancy, sore breasts is experienced by most of the women. This commonly occurs in the first couple of weeks. Some women find that their breasts are swollen and while in others their nipples are sore. In some cases the breasts are swollen more than others. Tenderness of breasts is in reality another symptom of pregnancy. In most of the cases tenderness of breasts occur in the fourth to the sixth week into pregnancy and this lasts till the end of the first trimester.

Later changes

Throughout the period of pregnancy the size of breasts grows in many women. The size of breasts grows to the shape of a cup in some women mostly in the case of the first pregnancy. The size of breasts does not change during the subsequent pregnancies. A side effect of growing breasts is itching. This change of breasts takes place so as to provide the new born with milk full of nutrients. Fine stretches are formed in the breasts of some women. In normal circumstances a good amount of moisturizer helps in reducing the stretch marks on the breasts.

In the sixth to eighth week of pregnancy nipples may appear large and veins on the breasts may be more prominent. This happens due to the increase in blood volume circulation in the body and happens throughout pregnancy. In some women small bumps are developed in areolas and are known as Montgomery’s tubercles. Though these bumps are forever there they become more prominent during pregnancy. In the late second or early third trimester the breasts start leaking premilk late in some women. There is nothing to worry about it and if they leak it can be easily cured by using nursing pad.

Support during pregnancy

The comfort level is increased considerably if one wears supportive bras at the time of pregnancy. Undergarments that are tight have a tendency to irritate more and in the process may block milk duct. Undergarments without wiring should be used during sleep as it helps in the comfort level of the breasts when there is a tendency to feel sore is high.

After pregnancy the tendency of the breasts to return to the size of pre-pregnancy days is high. This is mostly normal and is a common pregnancy’s side effect and not breastfeeding. This change is caused due to pregnancy and not due to the breastfeeding.