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How to tell your boyfriend you are pregnant

A very big and important question indeed is how to tell your boyfriend you are pregnant. Many young girls might face this dilemma in their lives and not know what to do. First and foremost, the news of your pregnancy might be quite shocking for your own self. You may want to avoid the issue completely. Alas, you can’t do it. The first thing you might think of telling this news to your boyfriend, who is the father of the child. You must feel very apprehensive about telling your boyfriend. You may experience a mix of emotions towards your boyfriend like anger, fear, guilt and rejection. It is absolutely normal to feel all these emotions at the same time. You may be very angry with your boyfriend, or you might feel scared that he will leave you, or afraid that he will talk you into doing something you don’t wish to do.

This issue leads to a lot of anxiety and should be dealt with utmost care and sensitivity. There are certain tips which can guide you through the process of breaking the news of pregnancy to your boyfriend. There are many online counselors also who will help and assist you regarding the same. One very important thing is that, you must take your decision by yourself, regardless of your boyfriend’s talks or actions.

Tips on Informing your Boyfriend about your Pregnancy

At the very beginning, you must confirm your pregnancy. You may conduct a self test pregnancy with a free testing kit and later get it confirmed from a medical expert as well. Talk to people who are close to you for relieving anxieties. You can gain support from the people you trust. When you confide in someone whom you trust, it will build your confidence for telling the news to your boyfriend also.

Try choosing appropriate time and place for breaking the news of your pregnancy to your boyfriend. See that both of you are in a good frame of mind, relaxed state and a place with least disturbances. Be very straightforward and tell him that both of you were involved in the process of getting pregnant. It is very important that you should be very positive about the start of the conversation. Say something appreciative about your relationship or boyfriend, so that a positive tone is set.

You ought to be prepared for your boyfriend’s immediate reactions and responses, which could be either silence or a total supportive response. The first and foremost reaction may be complete silence; it could be that the news may leave him speechless in the beginning. The news could take some time to sink in and please try to give your boyfriend the benefit of time. An open conversation is bound to help in building better bonds and understanding.