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Last month of pregnancy


Finally the last month is here and your baby will be born soon. You need to take every opportunity to rest at this stage because once the baby is born you will not get a minute of rest. Sleeping is more difficult at this level due to the anxiety building up and the increase in weight and size of your own body. The baby is well developed at this stage and gains rapid weight in this last month which can cause a backache however you can indulge in some light physical activity such as strolling or certain pelvic exercises to make your delivery easier. You can wear light, loose cotton clothes and comfortable flat shoes to prevent from tripping and falling as the body tends to lose balance quickly.

This is the time to stop working if you have a job although there are women who work till the last moment. Be flexible about the work and timings if you plan to work till the last minute. In the last week just before the delivery the baby’s head normally drops down into your pelvis and increases the pressure downwards causing frequent urination and aches in the thighs. Since the size of the baby has increased there is less space in the uterus and the fetal movements are less or negligible.

Looking forward to labor

This is the last month of pregnancy so it is time to make preparations for your stay at the hospital. Make a labor kit to include all your toiletries and the clothes which you would be wearing in the hospital unless they provide you with hospital clothes. Keep the telephone diary handy as you will be calling up a lot of people to inform them about the good news. You can make a separate baby bag with nappies and spreadsheets required to wrap the baby even though the hospital might provide their linen initially. You can prepare your body for labor contractions by practicing breathing exercises on a daily basis as these can help you during a normal delivery. Be prepared to get false labor symptoms and avoid traveling long distances where there is no medical assistance nearby because the labor can start at any time even 10-15 days before the due date.

Last minute things to be done

Now is the time to tie up all loose ends at work and buy the baby clothes and diapers which you would be requiring very soon. The caretaker if you have employed any can help you with the baby items required. Have all the spices and condiments stocked up in the house as you will not be able to do that after delivery. Revise all the things you learn at the pre natal class such as breathing exercise, massaging the breasts and stretching the nipples to make breast feeding easier. Lastly pack your hospital bag and practice relaxing.