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Pregnancy signs

Getting pregnant by choice is every woman’s dream. When it happens as planned and as desired it’s a momentous occasion for the concerned family and especially for the woman in question. This is one of the pivotal moments of her life. Looking at purely from the woman’s perspective this is one of her supreme achievements. It’s a tryst with God, wherein she acts like God does. She gives birth to life. In this endeavor she communicates with God alone and the rest of the world is not invited. She is about to take one of the biggest responsibilities in her life which is bringing a child into this world. A child who can be anything he / she want to be.

Proof of life

The woman is the first one to know if she is pregnant or not. Considering that many woman especially the poor and uneducated ones do not have access to medical resources, nature has devised a unique system by which a woman can find out if she is pregnant or not. The first sign that a woman might be pregnant is when she misses her period. Missing a period is not a dead ringer for being pregnant but is the first sign if one really is. The woman can consult her doctor and a simple pregnancy test will determine whether the woman is really pregnant. If the woman has a delayed or abnormal period that could also be a sign of pregnancy. The period could be earlier or there could be a difference in flow this time. There are other signs too that can help a woman find out her pregnancy status. Like feeling giddy and nausea. Like feeling like vomiting regularly. Body parts like soreness of the breasts and enlargement of the breasts are also tell-tale signs.

Actions speak louder than words

Changes in libido are another sign. Some women feel the need to have more sex because now they feel they need not worry about birth control. On the other hand some women do not feel like having sex as they feel there is life inside them and it might be hurt. These feelings may arise even before the pregnancy is scientifically verified hence can be seen as pregnancy signs. Some women may start having fantasies of them being mothers while some may find themselves thinking a lot about of sex. Increased urination is also another sign of possible pregnancy. Some women start having strange cravings at this time. Some items that women have a craving for are pickles and ice-cream. Though the image of pregnant women munching on delicious salty pickles and wolfing down enormous amounts of ice-cream is largely exaggerated it does have an element of truth. Studies show that almost 60% of pregnant women start having a craving for some food stuffs. Ultimately the old adage ‘women are the first to know’ hold true even today.