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Pregnancy stages

Pregnancy is divided into three stages all of approximately three months. Each stage brings new and different changes. One would experience different emotions also physical signs every next pregnancy stages. This is a sign of advancing pregnancy stages. With every passing month one’s fetus would grow and would develop slowly. Pregnancy would also get some changes in the relationship also with the partner. The feeling of being a parent is amazing and both, the mother and father are looking forward for it.

First stage

In the first stage of pregnancy one is simply learning that she is pregnant. Most of the women start fantasizing about their child. They would feel focused on oneself and drive all their attention to all the changes that their body is undergoing. Many people would find some reduction in the sexual activity during this first stage of pregnancy. During this first stage of pregnancy most of the women experience missed menstrual periods, nausea and vomiting, breast changes, fatigue, increased basal temperature, weight gain. The uterus would be just come above the public bone at the 12th week.

Second stage

During the second stage of pregnancy, it becomes more obvious to the other people also. The changes would be more noticeable by the pregnant women and would become dependent on others. During this stage support and encouragement would be very helpful for the pregnant lady. The changes in the sexual activity may stabilize however it would not return to pre-pregnancy level until after the childbirth is completed. The women may begin to have vivid dreams about her child. During this stage of pregnancy the uterus would grow to the navel between 20-22 weeks of pregnancy. Colostrums would be formed in the breasts of the pregnant woman. The nipples would enlarge and the areolas would also grow larger. A change would be experienced in the food that the body can digest. In the lower part of the body, the pressure would increase and discomforts like hamemorrhoids or varicose veins would appear. One would experience skin changes on the face. Some dark patches on the cheeks and forehead may occur. They would fade away after pregnancy on its own. The fetus continues to grow also begins responding to the surrounding during this second stage of pregnancy.

Third stage

During the third and the last stage of pregnancy both the mother and father of the child are anticipating for the birth of the child. At the last part of the pregnancy the pregnant women would experience a burst of energy also they would start preparing for the welcome of their baby. The pregnant women would experience backache, leg cramps, heartburn, a dark line would appear under the naval, shortness of the breath, the loss of bladder control while one is sneezing or coughing, need to urinate frequently would all be experienced in this last stage of pregnancy. Finally the wait would come to an end and the pregnant lady would give birth to a tiny cute baby.