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Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person and some women might not experience any signs of change at all. The most important symptom is of a delayed or missed menstrual cycle. The most common pregnancy symptoms are listed below.

Implantation Bleeding

This is the earliest pregnancy symptom which occurs 6-12 days after conception and some women can get spotting and cramps. There could be other reasons for this as well such as infection, altered menstruation, abrasion from intercourse or changes in birth control pills.

Delay or Missed menstruation

This is the most common symptom and can occur with slight bleeding for some women. There could be other reasons for this such as hormonal problems, stress or excessive weight gain/loss.

Swollen Tender Breasts

This pregnancy symptom starts as early as 1-2 weeks after conception and many women notice changes such as swelling or tenderness making breasts tender to touch. The other reason for this to occur can be hormonal imbalance, PMS or effect of the birth control pills.


This symptom also begins as early as the first week after conception but there could be other reasons for this as well such as flu, stress or depression.

Nausea or Morning sickness

This symptom occurs a little later between the second to eighth weeks after conception but the reasons could be different such as nausea due to food poisoning, stomach disorders or stress.


One can experience a dull backache throughout pregnancy and it occurs mostly in the lower back. There could be other reasons for this such as physical strain or muscle pulls, impeding menstruation or stress.


This is a symptom which can occur early in pregnancy due to the sudden rise in hormones but there are also various other common reasons for a headache such as eye strain, constipation, stress or common migraine attacks.

Frequent Urination

This occurs a little later in pregnancy such as between the sixth to eighth week as the bladder tends to become a little heavy. The other reasons for these symptoms could be diabetes, increase intake of liquids or urinary tract infections.

Darkening of Areolas

Pregnancy makes the area around the nipples darker in some women and this can occur in the early stages or even later as the pregnancy advances. The other reasons for this could be hormonal imbalances other than pregnancy or the effect of a previous pregnancy.

Food Cravings

Though it is not necessary to have strong desires for only pickles and sour items as many women will have cravings for particular type of food and this symptom can last all throughout your pregnancy. The other reasons for such symptoms occurring would be lack of sufficient nutrition, poor diet, stress, impeding menstruation or depression.