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Round Ligament Pain during Pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy face a pain known as the Round Ligament Pain. This pain refers to a brief yet sharp and stabbing pain or sometimes even a longer dull ache in the lower abdominal region or groin starting in the second trimester for the pregnant women. As this pain affects the stomach and the lower abdominal region of pregnant women it is very important to note that importance should be given to understand the pain and to avoid the pain as much as possible. Understanding the type of pain will also help you in avoiding unwanted anxiety regarding the pain and it is also important that these pains do not affect the mood and the positive mindset of the women which is very important during this period.

The most important thing to be understood regarding this type of pain is that it is caused due to stretching of the round ligaments attached to the uterus. Understanding the cause of pain will also help in reducing the anxiety. The pain occurs commonly on the right side of the pelvis.

What happens to the ligament and the uterus during this period?

In normal (non-pregnant) conditions the uterus of a woman is only the size of an apple or a tennis ball. The ligament which surrounds the ligament and holds the uterus in place is called the round ligaments. During pregnancy the uterus begins to expand in both size and weight and so the ligaments which are holding them I place also tends to expand accordingly. In this period of expansion the ligament keeps on stretching making it long, thin and weak. As the ligaments goes through these expansions they might irritate the nerve fibers and this is what causes the pain. Due to this phenomenon the pain may seem extreme in some cases.

The common symptoms related to this pain are…

Ligament spasms may trigger sharp stabbing pain on the right side of the pelvis.

Waking up from bed and sudden movements like rolling while asleep can also cause this pain.

Exercise and other body activities can also trigger type of pain.

How to deal with the pain.

The round ligament pain is very easy to treat. Acetaminophen or Tylenol is advised to those suffering from constant pain. Another way to reduce consistent pain to  reduce your activity level. A heating pad or even a bath in hot water can be instrumental in reducing this pain. Lying on the opposite side of where the pain is occurring is another option to reduce this pain. Many women find relief by simply reducing the amount of work by altering their daily routines. You can also increase the routine back to normal once the pain subsides.

The pain will completely subside after the birth of the baby and the pain will not return once the baby is born.