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Teen Pregnancy FAQ

Teen Pregnancy is a nightmare for the girls who go through it. Often these girls complain that inspite of taking effective measures they got pregnant. To avoid Teen Pregnancy there are many FAQ’s that girls come up with.

What are the sex acts that result into pregnancy?

The general rule is that it is necessary to have a sexual intercourse between a girl and a boy to get pregnancy. Though proper birth contraception can reduce the chances of getting pregnant no measure is 100% foolproof. The activities that can cause pregnancy are Intercourse (without or with penetration), any type of contact between the female genital area and the sperms or the pre ejaculatory fluid of the male counterpart and anal sex (if the female genital area comes in contact with the male sperm)

What are the sex acts that do not lead into pregnancy?

The activities that do not lead into teen pregnancy are abstinence, holding hands, oral sex, kissing, dancing, and making out with or without clothes, heavy petting, touching genitals with hands, making out in a swimming pool or hot tub and homosexual relations.

Can one become pregnant even if she has used birth control?

No form of birth contraception is guaranteed to be 100% effective. Also the chances of getting pregnant depend upon how properly a person is using a particular measure. Condoms, pills, sponges, diaphragms all have failure rates and a dependent upon proper usage. There is every chance of breakage of a barrier process and in such case the chances of getting pregnant are high. Natural planning methods are also not very effective. Norplant and Depo-Provera and IUDs are said to be safer than all the other forms of contraception but the safest way out is abstinence.

What can be done after sex so as to stop potential pregnancy?

The one proven option to avoid potential pregnancy after sex would be to take the “morning after pill”. It cab be availed from health clinics or on showing a prescription.
However it is necessary to take the pill within 72 hours of intercourse. The pill constitutes of 2 doses of the same hormone that is present in the regular birth control pill. The pills are supposed to be taken twice at an interval of 12 hours.

What should one do to get an abortion done?

To get an abortion one needs to know the laws in the local area and consult a professional in the same field. It is not always necessary to tell the father of the child or the family of the expectant mother about the plan. Next vital thing would be to go and meet a doctor who would be the most helpful person to get an abortion.