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Top Ten Weirdest Food Cravings

What is a Food Craving?

Food craving during pregnancy is no cliché. It is very real and true and if one is not ready to believe then he should go and ask the guy who ran out of home to get honey dipped chocolate doughnuts at the middle of the night because his wife was craving for it!! During pregnancy the senses of a woman are heightened to a greater degree which causes.

Some types of food to smell a whole lot better. This then leads to craving of that particular type of food. These types of food are comfortable for the expectant mother and so she feels like them over and over again. Cravings are often associated with hormonal changes that occur in the body of the mother during pregnancy period. However, one should not always give into food cravings as it might lead into a lot of weight gain which is not good for the expectant mother’s health. So, it would be better to have a balance between a healthy diet and one’s food craving. “Pica” is a serious form or stage of food craving in which a pregnant woman craves to eat non-nutritional food like chalk, dirt, clay, and even toilet paper, soap and laundry starch.

Top Ten Weirdest Food Cravings

It is said that women can have really weird food cravings during their days of pregnancy. Top Ten Weirdest Food Cravings includes an urge to eat chalk during pregnancy. Often pregnant women crave to eat coal. Another weird craving is that for dust. Women infact end up eating baby talcum powder to satisfy the urge. There are some women who would go down to the road to eat dust. Infact one even tried to cat litter and when she did not find it good enough she rested upon eating baby talcum powder. Women also tend to lick wall if they crave to eat dust. Women can be very particular when it comes to food craving during pregnancy. Some women had weird cravings to eat apple pies with the upper pastry being replaced by beetroot or to eat grilled cheese sandwiches of whole wheat bread with a particular brand of strawberry jam and Basil Cheese. There was yet some other woman who would not settle for anything less than a grilled cheese sandwich with baked potatoes, chicken sandwiches and lemonade. Top Ten Weird Food Cravings also include strange recipes like crushed ice with sprinkled dust or onion and banana sandwiches with mayonnaise!! Women can be really weird when it comes to food cravings during pregnancy. So they might even want to have liquid dial soap or some particular sandwich of a particular brand at a particular time!!